10 Imprortant things a blogger can do

Are you new to blogging? Maybe your a pro but your site needs help or some revamping. I’ve had many sites. Some failed because a lack of content and some because life got in the way. It happens but over the years I have learned quite a lot.

Do you want success? Well success in your terms? Lile blog growth, aka readers, followers and comments. I know I sure do.

1. Be different – it seems like everyone is writing the same thing, Fashion, Beauty, Health. I admit I write some of that too but here is where I am different. I help people by using the word of God. I pray day and night. God put me on earth to help, and this is how I am helping.

2. Get Organized- this is big for me. Organization is the key, not just online but offline. Get yourself a blog binder (post coming soon). It will really help your success and you can see the progress.

3. Editorial Calendar- yes you can post whenever and what ever you want but if you plan on really growing this will help trumendously. Want to write reviews once a week? Pick a day. This also helps with whats relavent to holidays like Halloween, Christmas, Valentines day. 

4. Write from the heart – if you write from the heart people will care. Do you love reading? write book reviews. Do you love traveling? Write about it. Write the good and the bad. Be true to you and your readers will follow

5. Photo Credits – this is truly important. If you use other people’s work, photographs, ideas or even quotes then give them the credit. If they have a website then link them. It shows you care plus it is against the law to steal. Honestly it is better when you use your own photos. They may not be perfect but it is easy to learn.

6. Orginal Content– include things people didn’t think of. Sure you can write posts like this, yes you will get readers but you won’t get many followers just because you take other people’s ideas. 

7. Collaborate –get other people writing, guest posting… reach out, even to other blogs with different niches

8. Use Social Media – you want readers? Followers? If you dant have the buttons or even the pages to spread the word or content of your blog, then it won’t grow. This includes being lively, comment, share and link up

9. Easy Menu – this goes back to organization. Don’t have a cluttered menu. Make it easy for people to find things. Update, revamp and keep it simple.

10. Have Goals – you can check out my september goals but it is important so that you can work harder. If you want success in anything goal setting is Super Important.

*Here are more important things to add. Bonus Material*

11. Set up a newsletter- you want people to follow, see new content and features only for those who sign up than this is it.

12. SEO – this has a major impact on how you get people to notice you and your blog. You know how #hastags are in, that is using SEO. You want people to find you. Don’t put words that have nothing to do with your post, make it relatable.

13. Google Analytics- i know I am linked in but not completely sure how this works. What I do know is that it helps track the progress of your website.

14. Have an About me pagethis will let your readers know about you, your mission and be more likable and relatable. 

15. Be willing to put in a lot of time with no to very little income– you may have heard that blogging can earn you money. Sure, but as with any job you need to put the time and effort in. You need to build your audience. It doesn’t just happen over night. I certainly wish it did.

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