Copycat Starbucks Skinny Iced Mocha

Love starbucks like me? My coffee addiction is so bad I learned to make it at home with 4 simple ingredients. Yes 4 thats it and it makes 2 cups (if you do it like me, but you can change it up). It takes me about 4 minutes.

4 minutes to save me from destruction. Just kidding guys, I’m not that bad.

Okay so here is how it is done.

A cup of boiled water
Milk (how much depends on how much coffee you put in)
Via Instant Cafe Mocha
Your personal cup … full of ice
1. Boil or microwave your water (i do 2 minutes in the microwave)
2. Fill the cup of ice
3. When the water is ready, pour the Via Instant really well

4. Pour the coffee mix into your cup, if you only use 4 oz then i get 2 cups.

5. If there is room then add milk and mix

6. Drink and enjoy


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