Goal Setting for September 2016

Well this will be my first official month blogging on this site. Since it is the end of August I am going to set my goals for the month of September. Since I don’t have many followers yet my goal is to build a bigger following by September 26th.

This is where I am starting: My goal by the end of sepmtember:
Pinterest – 177 1000
Facebook – 6 100
Word press – 10 100
Instagram – 148 500
Twitter – 165 1000

It isn’t a huge disappointment considering this was the first week I fully sat down to get working on my site. I am still working, adding and all that but something is better than nothing. Do I expect to make money right away? I hope I can make at least $200 but it isn’t a big expectation. My mission is to help people so I hope to help at least 5 people this month. Not sure how but God will answer my prayers.

Notice that my biggest focus is on Pinterest and Twitter? I know that they will generate the biggest following more easily than the others. Ultimately I want people to read my blog but I know a lot of people won’t and that is okay.

Have any tips you would like to share that would be great.


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