How to write the PERFECT About Me Page

Struggle writing about you? You would think it would be easy for your blog but let’s be honest, even on school you didn’t know where to start. I am right there with you. I struggle even now, if you read my About Me page, you will understand how hard it is but here are a few tips I’ve learned over the years I have blogged.

1.  Be You – let your personality shine through your writing. It should also be consistent. If your like me, you want to feature a ton on your blog, however this is a downside. Focus on One aspect at a time.

2. Your Focus– what is your mission? Why are you blogging or doing whatever it is that your site is designed for?

3. Contact Info – you should always have your contact easily accessible. Yes I have it in 2 places. This way people know I am serious.

4. Photos – Have photos of you. I hate seeing pictures if myself but people like to see who they are reading about. Putting a name to a face makes it easier for your readers to relate.

5. Favorite Posts – have a small list at the bottom of your favorite posts. You can even add why. (I need to work on this one)

6. Fun Facts – Be silly, engaging. Like I said let your personality shine through your writing but if your candid about your life and struggles, so many more people can relate. No one is perfect and who knows if your one fun fact of liking to organize gains more people.

I hope this helps. Keep coming back for more information.


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