American Natural History Museum

So yesterday we made a trip up to the American Natural History Museum in NYC. This was our second trip to this particular museum but my little guy was super excited. Since we are learning about Dinosaurs I thought it was the perfect place to see skeletons, fossils and learn more about the eras that they lived. We were not able to see all the exhibits in the museum because he got antsy but we did see the Dinosaurs, Ocean room (his favorite) and the American Forest exhibit.

It was fun and definitely a success. He was really into learning the dinosaurs names (though he forgot some of the names) and he was able to recognize if they were a carnivore or herbivore. Which was our objectives for our field trip. He was able to tell me his favorite dinosaur was the T-Rex (easier to say and remember but thats okay). I am just happy he is being exposed to cultural and scientific things.

After the dinosaur floor he asked to go to the Ocean room where the big Sperm Whale resides. As I said before it is his favorite room. Luckily today they had a group working and had 2 carts of ocean goodies for children to explore. LM was able to touch a starfish, sea turtle shell, sperm whale tooth, a dolphin skull and look at krill (small shrimp). It was perfect for a sensory activity plus LM was vocal about asking what was happening in each window. (I love the incentive to learn.)

By the time we felt the ocean room LM was cranky and needed a bathroom break. Luckily I packed plenty of snacks and pull ups. (Can never be too careful) So we headed to the American Forest room right next door. Sadly I didn’t take pictures since someone was starting to act up. We left the museum and waled across the par to the East side (aka 5th Ave). I easily got lost so it too longer than expected to was across so we grabbed a bus going downtown and waled from there to get lunch and get home.

I’m not a big museum person but to watch the joy in my son’s eyes looking at the exhibits and asking questions was great. I’m hoping to do at least 2 field trips a month per a theme. (I realize its pretty ambitious but with the nice weather for now and the cold coming relatively soon I don’t want to keep him stuck in the house or Starbucks just to school.) We are planning to return to the museum next month with friends (they also homeschool so its great). NYC has some great exhibits all over and I’m trying to let LM explore little by little. On Saturday we have a big day planned. We are going to the Garlic Festival in Milford and going on a Dinosaur Train ride. Honestly I’m not sure whose more excited LM or me for him. On top of that I promised LM to check out Belvedere Castle next week (I’m taking full advantage of this beautiful weather). What was you favorite exhibit in the American Natural History Museum? What is your favorite Museum to visit? Any other ideas for dinosaur fun for little ones? Comment below.


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