Psycho Bunny Man

Psycho Bunny Man

Evanna was sitting in her history class with the rest of her senior class. She always sat up front, she was considered one of those straight A students. She was beautiful though. She was 5’8, with a slender body. She seemed like a delicate flower but her clothes hid her athletic prowess. She had long dark hair that hung to her mid back. Her green eyes could penetrate through to your soul. She always knew what the truth was and had a sense of where the danger was. Though she was the youngest of her class and her only a senior in highschool she acted as though she was in her late 20s.
She sat there waiting for the history teacher, he was running late. She heard the popular clique talking. She heard the mention of Halloween and Bunny Man. Her twin brother gently touched her shoulder and handed her a note. It read:
A bunch of us are going to the tunnel tonight, join us
She crinkled the note. She turned around facing Nick, the football captain, and the most popular boy in school. His bright blue eyes starred back into hers. She could tell he was smiling but there was something mysterious about him. Pablo, Evanna’s identical twin, sat next to him. “So are you coming Ev? You love stuff like this. Plus its a chance to hang” Pablo said to her in a low voice so the popular girls couldn’t hear. “I’m not sure Pab. Sure I like the stories but not sure on being on the actual location. It kind of freaks me out” Evanna replied. “Aw, is sweet baby Evanna a scaredy cat” Emily, a cheerleader, said as she had overheard the conversation. “No, there is a difference between freaked out and scared Emily. Scared is ….” Evanna started. “Whatever. Point is your not coming. You’re a wuss, you think your better than everyone” Emily stated with an attitude, she rolled her eyes and sat back in her seat as the teacher walked in. He started the movie back up. It was the horror film “The Bunny Man.” When the film was over he asked what the point of sweing the film was. Nick said “it’s based on the local legend right here in our town.” Pablo responded “Yea it’s here but it’s real.” “That movie is highly inaccurate. He never killed anyone and not with a chainsaw. He carried an axe” Evanna stated very matter of factly. “Okay, okay settle down we obviously have a debate about the truth. So who wants to find out? Tonight at 10 p.m  we will meet up at the bridge and hopefully discover the truth. It is Halloween, the night he allegedly appears.” The teacher ended the class on that note and everyone filed out of the classroom. At their lockers Nick and Pablo were talking about what just happened. Evanna met up with them there before they started towards the parking lot. Emily snuck up behind them and whispered “ooooo I hope the bunny man doesn’t get you” into Evanna’s ear and ran off to cheer practice. Evanna went towards the highschool parking lot and got into the passenger seat and Pablo into the drivers of their shared used Subaru legacy station wagon. They drove silently home. Nick met up with them at their farm. Pablo and Evanna did their afternoon chores and finished in record time due to Nick’s help. They cleaned up, finished homework, at dinner and hung out till the clock glowed 9:30 p.m. They had decided to take Nick’s truck, a new Chevy Avalanche. They drove to the tunnel deemed the Bunny Man tunnel. It wasn’t really a tunnel but an overpass for trains that was abandoned. The road they were on was hardly used, thanks to the legend. They parked down the road and met up with some of their classes that was early. Everyone brought backpacks filled with emergency supplies and flashlights. Some of the guys brought weapons like knives and hunting rifles. They were all taken this seriously. The tension was high. The guys pretended like everything was fine but you could sense they had a fear of what was to come. By 10:10 the class was there. It was so dark out that their flashlights didn’t make much of a difference. “All right class since we are all here let us spilt up into groups of 4 or 5 and meet back here at 1 to 1:15 am to talk about our experiences” the teacher said. With that the class broke up and each headed their own ways.

Evanna’s group included Nick, Emily and Pablo. Evanna said “why don’t we start at the asylum nearby?” “Really Evanna, sheesh why you got to be bossy? Thought you didn’t want to be here” Emily responded. “Yo chill Em. Ev hasn’t done a thing to you. She was making a suggestion. Seriously what’s your beef with her?” Pablo asked. “What’s my beef? Do you know what it takes to be head cheerleader? And Ev over here is all perfect. Everyone likes her and yet you all are jumping down my throat. I cant even show my true self” Emily ranted. Evanna, Nick and Pablo just starred at her. Evanna looked like she was about to say something but Emily beat her to it. “Look I’m sorry for being mean Evanna, I’m jealous of you. You’re true to yourself and I never was. We used to be best friends and I’m the idiot who ruined it. Can we be friends again?” Emily said. Evanna looked stunned, she never expected this but she responded with “wow Em. Of course we can be friends again, you’re not an idiot, we just went our separate ways. Heck there’s times I’ve been jealous of you.” “Jealous? Of me? For what?” Emily was curious. “You have do much confidence, your pretty and smart. You have everything” Evanna answered. “So do you, anyway we should get going to find the bunny man. You had a great idea. Let’s start at the abandoned asylum, it is where the story starts” Emily finished. The boys were in shock and couldn’t believe the girls became friends. They decided to have two people in front and two in back. Evanna and Nick took the lead, with Evanna and Pablo trailing. They tried to walk as quietly as they could to the old asylum. It wasnt too far from the road. They followed an old horse trail which happened to go past the crumbling structure. It was mostly in ruins now after a lot of wear and tear from the weather.

In 1994 somone had burnt the main building down. The outcropped buildings were still standing but the roofs had caved in on some. The site was completely surrounded by woods. It immediately had that creepy feeling. It felt like someone was watching them. Evanna scanned the woods slowly with her flashlight. She caught a glimpse of something big and white run off headed in the direction of the tunnel. She caught her breath. Nic saw it too but Emily and Pablo were looking in the main building for clues. Evan looked at Nic, he looked back and said “Yea I saw it too. Creeps me out. Do you thin it was him?” “I hope not for our sake. If the legend is true he will try and ill us with an axe” Evanna stated. “Wait y’all saw something?” Pablo and Emily came out. “Yea it was a glimpse of something big and white headed off towards the tunnel” Nic said. Emily shivered from the thought “Please tell me he’s not real. Now I’m scared.” They heard a scream in the distance.

He saw them creeping around his territory. Four ids, two boys and two girls. What were they doing around here? It was night time. He was able to see through the pitch black. He had escaped the intuition in 1953.  They had been transferring all mental patients to a new facility. He wasn’t a mental patient though; at least he didn’t believe he was. They had thrown him in the institution when he was 20. They had found him in a sham not far from the institution. He had surrounded the property with dead rabbits. They hung from the trees. The blood was drained and they were skinned. Apparently the authorities thought this wasn’t normal but this was how he grew up. His father had done the same thing. Growing up his father had made him be a bunny every halloween. It was how they connected and why he continued. He missed those times he connected with his father. His mother had disappeared when he was 2, he never really new her and didn’t remember much.

He got a sense there was more than just four ids this time. Every year, on Halloween, hundreds of people have trekked onto his property, ever since 2003. He had started living up to his father’s footsteps in the 170’s when he started scaring the locals. He promised he would keep people away  from his property. He made his old bunny Halloween costume into his size. He used all the skinned rabbit fur to stretch it out the costume.

He watched the ids for a bit but when one girl started to shine her flashlight in his direction he ran. He wasn’t ready to reveal himself yet. He hoped they didn’t see him.He went over the overpass, crossed the train tracks and headed to his shack. He saw five flashlights ahead of him. They were headed straight for his shack. No he thought. I won’t let them discover me. He bounded to their left and grabbed his axe beside his cabin and snuck back around them. One by One he swung his axe and struck them down. The last to be axed was a girl, who had turned around and screamed. The bunny man had to only swing to shut her up. He was concerned that the other trespassers had heard the scream. He wiped the blood off his axe in some nearby grass and headed towards the tunnel. He was going do anything to protect his property and his identity. Anything … including murder.

“Please let’s get out of here. If we run now I bet we can make it back to the cars” Emily shuttered, studying for any movement in the tree line but nothing was stirring, not even the leaves. “I think we should check it out, make sure everyone’s okay” Pablo said sounding really concerned for his classmates. “Did you find anything in there?” Nick asked nodding towards the ruins of the building. “Not much but definitely signs that someone had been here recently” Pablo answered. Emily added “Yea and saw some dead eat animals. Pure Yuck.” “There’s gotta be some clue to if this real or not. The legend goes that a patient escaped in 1953 with his friend when they were transferring the patients to a new facility. They found the friend dead and only found dead skinned rabbits hanging from trees near by the tunnel. There was rumor that the reason the guy went into the asylum in the first place was the rabbit deal but no documents were found” Evanna said looking around for some clue as to what the truth was. “Please let’s go home and forget this happened. I’ll admit I am completely freaked out and this guy is real. I’m not ready to die” Emily said with a  sort of whimper. Nick said “well we can head back that way and see what everyone else has discovered. Maybe they heard the scream to and decided to meet back early.” So that was that. The four of them waled pac down the horse trail to the road. This time Pablo was in front, followed by Emily, Evanna and Nick rounded it out. The boys had weapons and said they could shoot as long as the girls shone there flashlights carefully. Everyone was on high alert. It was 11:50 according to Nick’s watch when they got back to the tunnel. They carefully scanned the area but saw nothing suspicious yet. The only thing that was off was that Evanna felt a deep sense of danger. She felt like eyes were watching her. She tried to swallow the feeling away but that didn’t help. She tried to hide this from the others but Pablo had gotten the same feeling and whispered “I got the sense someone’s watching us, a danger sense. He’s here somewhere,” They began scanning the trees that lined the road on either side. The girl’s flashlights hit a light pink, white thing hanging from the tree. Evan kept the flashlight scanning the trees and saw that there were more of these things hanging. On both sides from where the cars were parked to the tunnel. “I think its skinned rabbits” Evanna said. She moved the flashlight beam to see the top of the overpass. She saw a big white thing duck down. She knew it was him. It was the bunny man. She was scared. “He’s here. He’s watching us” she said to Emily, Nick and Pablo. She slowly started backing up keeping her flashlight on the woods. Emily did the same while the boys left on high alert and were ready to shoot anything that moved.

The girl caught sight of him again. Damn it he thought, I’m going to kill herI will kill them all. No one will put me back in that place. I just want to make my father proud. I must protect my property. He had ducked down when the flashlight had hit him. He had just been about to hang the five kids he killed off the overpass. He picked up his axe and quickly snuck into the woods. He saw them backing up towards the cars. He knew if he didn’t beat them to the cars they would get away. He stayed far enough back to not be seen and moved towards the parked cars. He was slowly planning his attack. Do I sneak behind them and swing or get in the car and surprise them. No I will attack their car. He waited to see which one they got into. The four of them got into the big silver truck. Now was his chance. One of the boys started to turn the truck on. Now was his chance. He jumped out of the tree line, axe raised. He swung at the window shield. It hit the glass which traced but he had no time to pull the axe out. The driver’s door slammed into his body and he slumped to the ground. The truck pulled off and drove down the road toward the town. He was in pain but he managed to pick himself back up and get onto his feet. He went back to the top of the overpass and hung the bodies. As quickly as he could he went back to his shack and grabbed a knife and another axe. He knew he had to stop the rest of the kids on his property. He searched for them. As he found each group he dragged them back to the overpass and hung their bodies. Every year he did this to warn everyone not to trespass but it wasn’t working. He had to try something new. He had to go into town and stop it. He slashed the tired of the cars in case he missed any trespassers. He started heading for town when he saw red and blue lights. The sirens came blaring down the road. It was the police. They stopped in front of the tunnel where the 25 bodies hung. It was about to go down he thought. He had to kill them. Kill them all or it was over. He had to thin quickly. He jumped out from the woods violently swinging the axe with all the strength he had. The cops dodged his every move and were preparing to shoot. He knew this was the end. He thought quickly….


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