Arbonne Road Trip

I know a lot of people have never heard of Arbonne. Well Argonne is a pure, safe and beneficial company. Argonne’s motto is that “we have something for every one” and that these products will not only make you look great now, but is slowing repairing your skin underneath.

Arbonne’s products are something you fall in love with, once you experience it, you won’t go back. I’m not just saying that because I am a consultant, I am saying this because I have tried so many products over the years. (If you are interested then you can email me at or call/text me at 646 957 1093, I am looking for ladies and gentlemen to host a spa day. Also looking for people who would be interested in joining our team and working for themselves but with lots of support.)

Any way, last week my little one and I drove down south with our friend and her kiddos. She is a Regional Vice President of Arbonne. She was the one who introduced me to the company not only as a consumer but she blessed me with an opportunity to work for myself on flexible hours, I can make enough to stay home with my little one as a single momma. So, she had a bunch of parties down in Culpepper, Virginia and Durham, North Carolina.

She packed the van with her 8 lovely children, herself and her husband and headed to NYC to pick us up. On the way she dropped her husband off at the airport so he could fly to Africa on his mission trip (praying for his team, it too 4 days to hit water in the first village). Then she drove to get us, we added our bags and climbed in. We headed out (we were stuck in traffic for 1 hour trying to go through the Holland Tunnel. Honestly it was a blessing though (you must think i’m crazy but things happen for a reason), it gave us time to make PB & J sandwiches in the van and for my friend to feed the baby. It took awhile but we arrived and settled in at our hotel in Culpepper around 4 am on Saturday. She had 2 parties that day, so i had 9 beautiful children most of the day. It was raining most of the morning, so I tried to entertain them in this tiny hotel room. Since they were getting to wild, we walked in the rain to the school playground that was a bloc over. Yes in the rain i had all 9, the baby was in a carrier on my back, her next two youngest were in the stroller and the rest walked. They didn’t care it was raining, they needed to get out. So there we were in the rain playing. We didn’t stay at the park long because I didn’t want them getting sick. We trekked back to our hotel room to change and dry off before mommy got back from party 1, and that we could get ready for going out to lunch.

So we did that before she went to her second party, before she left he set up the sleeping arrangements. We had dinner, and she set off. So there we were 9 little ones and me. I put on a movie (don’t remember which one) and we settled in. Gratefully the next day was Sunday so we headed off to church service at Mountain View Church in Culpeper, Va. What an amazing sermon we had. God led us here to hear what they were preaching. After church was lunch at this cute Mexican restaurant then play ground time at the local school before another Arbonne party. On monday morning we left for Durham, North Carolina. We arrived about 2ish. Unpacked the van and headed to the pool with the older kids and my munchkin. She ordered pizza for dinner (YUMMM) and we had a blast while she did her 4th party of our road trip. The last full day was my little man’s best friends 4th Birthday so we got cake and cupcakes (what generous people) and had more fun in the pool.

Not exactly a trip I would plan but we had such a great time. We are so blessed to have this family and this opportunity I couldn’t ask God for more. God has a plan for everything we do.


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