About Me

Hey, my name is Alexandra, Ally for short. I am 25 and loving life. I am a single mom of a boy, Matthew (3.5) I am also a photographer, writer, blogger and lover of nature, art and Netflix. I have a Pinterest addiction so If you follow me on there (which I truy hope you do) be prepared to see lots of pins from me.

What do you want to know about me? Well I live in a small town, upstate NY. We also have a tiny NYC apartment (no I’m not rich, quite the opposite at the moment). I moved back with my parents after a failed relationship and discovering my pregnancy. It has its ups and downs. So yea I’m no where near perfect or where I want my life to be but I am headed in that direction. I love to camp, hike, read and write.

Where is my sanctuary? Well besides the beach, church and the animal shelter, I would have to say at my friend Allison’s home.

What is my job/career? Right now I am freelancing and babysitting while I figure out the direction I am headed. I am going back to finish my Bachelor’s degree in January. I would have been taken classes this semester but some unfortunate circumstances happened.

What is my dream job? Honestly this, blogging, helping others and being able to homeschool. If I can make money off this blog I would be ecstatic. Will it happen? Well I am trying but no matter what this is a passion of mine and I will succeed.

Why Teaching God’s Love? I am new to Christianity honestly, only been going to church a little over a year. First off, we all need LOVE, and if people realized that God isn’t there to judge us but for us to ask for his forgiveness and help, the world would be so much better off. Sadly most people teach hate, discrimination and judgement to their children. Sometimes it isn’t intentional, kids are quick to pick up the little things from us, but most of the time it is intentional. We teach children our values. We force them into things they rather not do (like sports) and give them unreal expectations. Too many times I meet young adults my age who don’t even know how to be an adult. They can’t cook, do taxes, or budget. The newer generations haven’t learned to be independent.

Teaching God’s Love mission is to spread the word, teach and reach out to those in need.

I am available for Hire, whether it is for a photoshoot, guest blogging, babysitting or just helping out with your business. Just contact me at allyneznamy@gmail.com with the subject Hire Teaching God’s Love and we can work out a deal.

I sincerely hope you spread the word of my website’s existence and reach out to me.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about me. If you would like to know more, just comment below and I will answer.