Bible Study

Interested in knowing more about the Bible? How does one simply just study it, let alone remember verses? Why are Christians so focused on God and being good people? Okay maybe those aren’t your questions but they are some questions that have come to mind.

Where do I start? What Bible should I get and where can I get one? Yes I will answer them all, so don’t fret.

First things first is which Bible should you get and where? If your a techy person you can get the YouVersion Bible from your phone or a tablet. It has the ESV and NIV versions. You can also go to your bookstore or Amazon and order one. I personally was given the bible from a dear friend. She was the one who taught me how to read the bible and introduced me to an amazing church.  We use the NIV version.

What is the difference between ESV and NIV? ESV stands for English Standard Version and focuses more on the lineage behind it. ESV is easier to read for most bibles; it focuses on the word for word. NIV stands for New International version. NIV has a more balance between the word for word and the thought for thought.

Luckily YouVersion is able to switch between the two version. The Bible consists of the Old Testament and the New Testament, both include many incredible stories before, during and after Jesus died.

I bet your now asking where do I start? There are many ways to start. Even more confused? I bet. Okay well you can start from the very beginning with the book of Genesis in the Old Testament when God created Earth and first made Adam and Eve Or you can start with the book of Matthew in the New Testament. Sure you can skip around but it will be easier to start with the beginning. Join me weekly for my bible study.

Will you need anything for our study sessions?

  1. A bible will help. I find it easier to have the physical book but again you can get it online.
  2. Highlighter. Yes I am telling you to mark it up. I know its not the usual thing to do but seriously highlight what resonates to you.
  3. A Notebook. Write down why those scriptures struck a chord with you. How does it relate? What can you do different?
  4. Share with your friends, family even the kids. Life is about experiencing. Remember no one is perfect. Jesus died for our Sins.

If you need to talk you can always comment on the blog or email me. I want to help people.

Book of Genesis

Day 1: Genesis 1

Day 2: Genesis 2

Day 3: Genesis 3

Day 4: Genesis 4

Day 5: Genesis 5

Day 6: Genesis 6

Day 7: Genesis 7

Day 8: Genesis 8

Day :  Genesis 9

Day 10: Genesis 10

Day 11: Genesis 11

Day 12: Genesis 12

Day 13: Genesis 13

Day 14: Genesis 14

Day 15: Genesis 15

Day 16: Genesis 16

Day 17: Genesis 17

Day 18: Genesis 18

Day 19: Genesis 19

Day 20: Genesis 20

Day 21: Genesis 21

Day 22: Genesis 22

Day 23: Genesis 23

Day 24: Genesis 24

Day 25: Genesis 25

Day 26: Genesis 26

Day 27: Genesis 27

Day 28: Genesis 28

Day 29: Genesis 29

Day 30: Genesis 30

Day 31: Genesis 31

Day 32: Genesis 32

Day 33: Genesis 33

Day 34: Genesis 34

Day 35: Genesis 35

Day 36: Genesis 36

Day 37: Genesis 37

Day 38: Genesis 38

Day 39: Genesis 39

Day 40: Genesis 40

Day 41: Genesis 41

Day 42: Genesis 42

Day 43: Genesis 43

Day 44: Genesis 44

Day 45: Genesis 45

Day 46: Genesis 46

Day 47: Genesis 47

Day 48: Genesis 48

Day 49: Genesis 49

Day 50: Genesis 50

Book of Exodus