Interested in schooling your child from home? Or at least working with your child more to help boost their balance and knowledge, then welcome.

First, I would like to say know where your child is at in terms of age and what your state requires. You still have paperwork to do and give in. Second, know your lifestyle and see it if works for you. It doesn’t work for everyone and that is ok. Third, link up to your local homeschool community for help and trips.

This is just a warning, most of my schooling is for kids 2-4, of course you can adjust it for your age child (which I suggest). You can make your life easier by buying a set curriculum but I prefer to make my own lesson plans. Its easier to adjust it day to day. Another thing is we homeschool year long, so that its fun and we can learn and explore more. Yes I do themes but I can work with my son on what he is struggling with rather than him losing his confidence in school. I can let him excel in the areas he loves. His heart is so young and blessed, I want to harness his passions now. And If that is your intention for your children then great, let me help. So here is what themes we have planned for the 2016-2017 year.

August – Construction

September – Dinosaurs

October – Fall

November – Around the World

December – Winter

January – Community Helpers

February – Fairytales

March – Spring

May – Animals

April – Transportation

June – Eric Carle/ Dr. Seuss

July –  Space

There are plenty of other themes you can use but these are what I thought were best for my son. He loves homeschooling and exploring art, nature, cooking and books. Link in weekly for what we are up to and I hope I gave you some inspiration.